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Before Huw Lloyd-Langton passed away on December 6, 2012, he had put the finishing touches on a very personal, very unique collection of tracks from his private vault.  On January 29, 2013, Cleopatra Records will proudly release HUW LLOYD-LANGTON: RARE & UNRELEASED ANTHOLOGY 1971-2012.  This 2-CD set includes seldom or never-heard gems that highlight Huw’s legacy of dynamic and melodic guitarwork.

RARE & UNRELEASED ANTHOLOGY features unheard solo acoustic recordings of “Rocky Paths” and “Damn Shame” (later recorded by Hawkwind and The Lloyd Langton Group), full-band recordings from side projects Magill and Jawa, and brand new acoustic recordings from 2012 being released for the first time here.

Self-taught guitarist with mind-bending scope and range, Lloyd-Langton joined Hawkwind as a teen in 1970 and immediately made his mark by contributing his unique guitar stylings on the band’s groundbreaking self-titled debut album, considered one the first space-rock albums to be released.  While maintaining an important albeit inconsistent role in Hawkwind for many years, Lloyd-Langton expanded his personal creativity with heavy focus on songwriting and via bands he formed, like Magill.

Comfortable and exceptional playing all styles of music – from hard rock to classical to blues – Lloyd-Langton toured with Leo Sayer before co-founding acclaimed U.K.hard rock band Widowmaker.  He taught himself classical music composition, and always stayed aware of newer music climates.  As a much-loved member of the Cleopatra Records family, Lloyd-Langton had been a significant part of projects, like working with Kinks legend Dave Davies on a track for The Black Keys tribute album Black on Blues, and with Joe Elliott, Rick Wakeman and Carmine Appice on Who Are You, an all-star tribute to The Who.  His innovative guitar work was featured on the Space Rock Invasion DVD taken from the 2011 Space Rock Invasion tour.

RARE & UNRELEASED ANTHOLOGY, curated by Lloyd-Langton himself, is now, sadly but beautifully, a remarkable tribute to the life’s work of a musical genius whose broad-minded explorations offered so much to so many.


Solo Acoustic Recordings 1971

1. Got A Love (Blues)
2. I Can See It All Again
3. Things Just Ain’t The Same
4. Sleep
5. The Morning Dove’s Song
6. Damn Shame*
7. Seasons
8. Love You Wear A Pretty Face
9. Painted Evergreen (a/k/a Night Air)
10. Little Girl*
11. Battle Of Battles
Magill with Pete Scott, John Clark & Rob Rawlinson (1973)
12. Rag Man
13. Feed Your Friends With A Long Handled Spoon
14. I Can’t Be Satisfied
15. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood Jawa with Simon King & Nic Potter (1979)
16. Rocky Paths**         
17. Jealousy*
18. Heart Of Stone
19. Damn Shame*
20. Dark, Dark Night Lloyd-Langton Group
21. Hurry On Sundown (Unreleased Hawkwind Tribute track)
* Later recorded by LLG
** Later recorded by Hawkwind


From Night Air (1985)

1. Für Kristy
2. Alien Jiggers From Like An Arrow…(Through The Heart) [1987]

3. On The Move
4. Can You Feel From Elegy (1991)
5. Farewell
6. Elegy From River Run (1994)
7. All Jigged Up
8. Louise From Chain Reaction (1999)
9. Dedications
10. 5 To 4
11. Who Went Before From Hard Graft (2010)
12. So Long Baby
13. Cowboy Blues New Acoustic Tracks
14. 12 String Shuffle
15. Fragile Journey
16. Into The Storm
17. Out Of The Storm
18. Fast Lane To McFaden
19. She Moves Through The Fair

HUW LLOYD-LANGTON: RARE & UNRELEASED ANTHOLOGY 1971-2012 comes with rich liner notes and a special photo collection.  It will be available on iTunes,, and at your favorite record store.  The 2-CD set is $16.98.



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