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During a recent appearance on ‘ founder and front man, , talked about THE ‘ recent nomination to The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. Past COMPULSIONS albums, Beat The Devil (2011) and Dirty Fun (2015), featured former Dolls bassist, Sami Yaffa; and newly released COMPULSIONS album, Ferocious (2020), features former Dolls drummer, Brian Delaney. You can now watch the chat below.

Asked for an opinion on the news, Carlyle said: “Yeah, I mean, I love THE DOLLS. If you love rock ‘n’ roll, THE DOLLS are rock ‘n’ roll. How do you not tip your hat to THE DOLLS?”

Carlyle then literally tipped his hat before continuing: “They never got their due back in the day. They’re probably more famous now than when they came out. From the books that I’ve read and the stories that I’ve heard, it was real tough for them. So, to see them even nominated, that’s awesome.”

In addition to discussing THE DOLLS, the subject of ‘ recent string of glowing reviews also came up, including a very rare “10 Out Of 10” in English hard rock and metal magazine, Powerplay. “You (make music) for yourself,” Carlyle explained. “But when other people like it, it kinda blows your mind. And it’s an honor and a thrill. There’s no other way to say it.”


‘ third critically acclaimed album, Ferocious, features Carlyle backed by an elite cast of New York-area players: DelaneyBumblefootEarl Slick, drummer Frank Ferrer (GUNS N’ ROSES) and bassist Alec Morton (ex-RAGING SLAB), among many notable others, and is available now at Apple MusicPandora and Spotify.

Watch Rob‘s entire interview on  below!!


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