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The Compulsions 4-15 CROPWith their new album DIRTY FUNTHE COMPULSIONS have delivered one of most exciting new releases of 2015.  Refreshingly infectious, DIRTY FUN–out now onCompulsions Records–features the talents of vocalist and rhythm guitarist ROB CARLYLE, lead guitarist RICHARD FORTUS (Guns N’ Roses), drummer FRANK FERRER (Guns N’ Roses) and bassist SAMI YAFFA (Hanoi Rocks, New York Dolls). The critically acclaimed New York City-based group unveiled a new long-form trailer for DIRTY FUN, today (6/1), watch it here (

Recently, the group dropped by the “Nights With Alice Cooper” internationally syndicated radio show for an interview and performance of their new single “Lucky”which will air on Thursday, June 11. To hear the album version of “Lucky,”click (HERE). For “Nights With Alice Cooper” stations and times in all cities, visit:, to listen to the show online and for more information, go to:

After multiple EPs, and countless shows under their collective belt, the group released their full-length debut BEAT THE DEVIL in 2011. THE COMPULSIONS new albumDIRTY FUN is garnering solid early reviews (see below). “Hellbound Babies,” the opening track on DIRTY FUN, is punctuated by howling harmonica, slash and burn guitars and a chorus of gospel-tinged soul sisters, and the song’s lyrics spawned the title DIRTY FUN.

Here’s a brief conversation with THE COMPULSIONS lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist ROB CARLYLE-about the band and the creation of their new album. Note: outlets may re-print this artist Q&A in its entirety.

What was the driving force behind the creation of DIRTY FUN?

Rob Carlyle (vocalist and rhythm guitarist): The band was inactive for a while, but people would always ask me “What’s up with The Compulsions? Any news?” So I basically wrote DIRTY FUN because I needed something to tell them.

How did the new DIRTY FUN long-form album trailer come about?

Rob Carlyle: I recently became friends with a filmmaker named Andree Ljutica and Andree took an interest in the band, so I invited him to film us in the recording studio. After he shot the footage another friend, Owen Plotkin, offered the services of his editing studio, The Now Corporation. I couldn’t have made this thing without those guys, so obviously I’m extremely grateful.

The song “Evil Bastards” has a female vocal that has been compared to Merry Clayton’s performance on the Rolling Stones’ Gimme Shelter. Describe how it came about.

Actually, “Evil Bastards” has two female singers–Mekia and Valerie Evering–who also sing backup on “Hellbound Babies,” the first song on the album and “Stay Eazy.” I’ve known Mekia from singing in clubs around town. I’ve been a fan for years. When we recorded them, it sounded like fire and brimstone. They take that song to a whole other level.”

Where you surprised by the critical reaction to DIRTY FUN?

Oh yeah, totally. When you’re making a new album, you have no idea if anyone else is going to like it. So yeah, the positive reviews have been a really nice surprise.

Describe THE COMPULSIONS dual record release shows in New York and West Hollywood.

Rob Carlyle: The crowd at the Mercury Lounge was amazing. They went nuts after every song, even new songs like “Lucky” and “Hellbound Babies.”At the Viper Room, there were all these girls down in front, dancing and grooving along to every song. The rest of crowd was a little reserved at first, but we seemed to loosen them up after a few songs. A few guys from the GN’R camp came out to show support, so that was cool to see.What really blew my mind was this one chick who flew to New York to see us play and then flew back to LA to catch us again a couple nights later. That’s like some Grateful Dead shit. Very flattering. I definitely don’t take it for granted.

What’s up next for THE COMPULSIONS?The Compulsions 2015

Rob Carlyle: There’s recently been talk of us playing some dates down in Brazil, but we’re still in the early stages of discussion so that’s all I can say about that right now. I’ve been invited to play at the Johnny Thunders Birthday Bash at the Bowery Electric on Sunday, July 12. Everyone should definitely come out for that, it’ll be a really fun night. And we just taped an interview and acoustic performance for “Nights With Alice Cooper,” so that’ll be on the radio soon.

Check out the critical sound bites for THE COMPULSIONS:

“On Dirty Fun, the sophomore album from rock band the Compulsions, the New York City four-piece brings back a bluesy rock sound reminiscent of early-era Aerosmith with hints of New York Dolls punk. The approach here is organic with minimal overdubs in the way the early classic rock records were recorded. ‘House of Rock,’ ‘Lucky’ and ‘Stay Eazy’ showcase this nuts-and-bolts approach in songs that drip with greasy guitar riffs, nasty solos and fiery vocals. There is a cover of Little Richard’s classic ‘Long Tall Sally,’ which is given a supercharged makeover that takes the blues rock song and turns it upside down. …The Compulsions are plotting out their own direction with a sound that owes a nod to classic bands from the past but is entirely unique. A great rock band with a smoking hot album.”

–Steve Rosen, ROCK.COM (4/7/2015)

“New York City-based quartet The Compulsions stormed Hollywood’s Viper Room and played a balls-out rock and roll show, showcasing their new album, Dirty Fun. The Compulsions is a band for fans of blues-based, guitar-powered rock and anyone who likes to get down. No posturing, no gimmicks. They let their music do the talking. Check ’em out.”

–Charlie Steffens, PURE GRAIN AUDIO (4/23/2015)

“HOLY SH** dirty, sexy, funky, and fun rock ‘n’ roll is back and it is in the form of the latest disc from The Compulsions.  The soul in the music kicks and shakes this disc to new ground with a classic gritty feel. Imagine great rock thrown into a blender with a fun punk groove and a little rock-a-billy tossed in for seasoning…”

— Todd Jolicoeur, 100% ROCK 10-out of-10 review, (4/6/2015)

“Whoever says that rock is dead hasn’t heard The Compulsions. Dirty Fun, the New York City-based band’s second full-length release, is 10 tracks of unwashed rock and roll-real and raw, coated in dirty blues. The prodigious, hard-hitting opener, ‘Hellbound Babies,’ embodies the rebellious spirit of a band balls-out for the cause: to have some dirty fun‘Lucky’ expresses the enduring power of rock, rhythm, and blues. The song teems with the guitar tang and boogie-woogie piano of The Rolling Stones (much like ‘Tumbling Dice’), with an added shot of horns. A revamped version of Little Richard’s ‘Long Tall Sally’ is a standout track that really puts the band’s musical repertoire on display. Lead guitarist Richard Fortus really gets to show off on ‘Buzz Awhile,’ the instrumental track at the end of the record.”

 –Charlie Steffens, NEW NOISE MAGAZINE (4/20/2015)

“Sure, they have the pedigree (lead guitarist Richard Fortus and drummer Frank Ferrer are alumnus of Guns N’ Roses, and bass player Sami Yaffa was in New York Dolls and Hanoi Rocks, but it’s much more than that. It’s gritty, down ‘n dirty, honest rock & roll. It’s a guitar player slinging a beat-to-shit Telecaster with a lit cigarette in the headstock. It’s lyrics like ‘there’s a deal going down in the basement, while the devil sits in his Jaguar.'”

–Richard Rosenthal, SCREAMER MAGAZINE (May 2015)

For more information on THE COMPULSIONS, visit:

Listen to the album sampler for DIRTY FUN (HERE).

Listen to the complete set list from THE COMPULSIONS L.A. show at the Viper Room:



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