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Records is excited to announce the release of ’s anticipated new album “The Savage ” on January 25th in (excl. Scandinavia) and January 22nd in North .

A leading force in the Swedish “sleaze rock” scene of the 2000s – a revival of the of the 1980s, but with a more pronounced element — CRASHDÏET for the manage to release their brand of and dirty and Roll simultaneously all over the world.

In April of 2010 the ’s third album “Generation Wild” pretty much summed the extraordinary but yet tragic history of a band, determined to never give their dream. CRASHDÏET has become known as a with a huge following of diehard fans, and the interest for them never seems to fade.

There has been extensive touring during the course of “Generation Wild” and the absolute highlight saw the conquer and with sold out shows at and Webster Hall. The also supported their and Osbourne. “Supporting in Helsinki and headlining have been the highlights of the Generation Wild ”, says guitarist Martin Sweet.

With the new album “The Savage ”, recorded during summer/autumn 2012 in native Sweden, the has their minds set to break through on a world-wide basis with a that will see the going back to the US as well as going to for time. “We will put a lot of effort into the US for our new tour. We will start in Scandinavia in February, Then we head to the US & Canada. Coming back end of April to do and then and will follow with Festivals in the summer and then South- to kick off in the autumn” continues Sweet.

The sees CRASHDÏET going in a heavier and more direction musicwise. “THE SAVAGE is our playground, its the beginning and the end, its the place where we eat and breed”, tells Martin Sweet. “We thought the time was right for us to do a edgier and not so polished sounding album, kinda like what we sound like live. It’s more organic and rough sounding. And of course we’re always evolving as musicians and like to try new ways of expressing ourselves, and that can most definitely be heard this ”.

Anticipated by the release of the cracking first single “Cocaine Cowboys” on December 12th, “The Savage ” will include the following tracks: Change The World; Cocaine Cowboys; Anarchy; California; Lickin’ Dog; Circus; City; Got A Reason; Drinkin’ Without You; Snakes In Paradise; Damaged Kid; Excited; Garden Of Babylon.

Martin Sweet –
Peter London – bass
Eric Young – drums
Simon Cruz – vocals

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