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Photo Credit: Julie Bergonz
From left: front row: Shon McKee, Peter Summit
Back row: Carl Raether, Stacey David Blades, David Harris

To celebrate the June 9 release of their debut album LISTEN!, Las Vegas-based modern rock band CRASHING WAYWARD have shared a track-by-track breakdown of the album in the below video which can also be seen directly via YouTube HERE In the clip, frontman and songwriter PETER SUMMIT talks about what inspired each of the album’s 11 songs (see the transcript below). The band is also thrilled to announce a special immersive record release show at The Industrial Sound in Las Vegas on Wednesday, June 28 starting at 8:00 P.M.

The event will kick off with a performance from the band and include art installations from worldwide-renowned graphic artist, designer and muralist Dave Persue (who also designed the show flyer seen above). Lauded illustrator, street artist and tattoo designer Mike Giant will also appear and has created a special edition print which will be available exclusively at the show and limited to 100 copies total. The event will include food trucks, on-site tattoos, drink specials and more. Tickets are available now HERE.

Released via RFK Media Group, LISTEN! was produced by industry icon Mike Gillies (Metallica, Mötley Crüe, The Cult) and co-written by four of the five band members–Peter Summit (vocals), Stacey David Blades (guitar), David Harris (guitar) and Carl Raether(bass). The band is rounded out by Shon McKee on drums. Equally primordial and intellectual, LISTEN!’s 11 tracks embody the fundamental hypnotic quality of rock music while lyrically exploring themes of intolerance, mental health, suicide, peace, loss and political unrest. Stream and/or download LISTEN! now at

1. Mouth To God’s Ear

“Mouth To God’s Ear,” was inspired by just that phrase, “Mouth To God’s Ear,” and when David Harris presented the music to this track, it wrote itself. It’s really an anthem about the ending of hate.”

2. Closer

“‘Closer’ is really about obsession or an unhealthy relationship, the control that someone has within that relationship and over somebody. So, it really speaks to unhealthy relationships romantically.”

3. Stranger Days

“‘Stranger Days” really captures self-reflection of love or a life past. It was inspired by the surrealism that love chemically can paint or portray in one’s mind.“

4. Disco Kills

“‘Disco Kills’ is a political anthem using metaphors of the disco and rock era of the late 70’s. It is not about disco music; it’s more about the abuse of political power.”

5. Shake the Dead Awake

“‘Shake the Dead Awake’ is about the birth of punk rock and transition into post-punk of 70’s New York City, specifically inspired by CBGB’s.”

6. Tilly

“‘Tilly’ was written about a close friend who took her own life due to the emotional abuse she suffered from her boyfriend.”

7. Staring at Ceilings

“‘Staring at Ceilings’ is everything about isolation, especially isolation within the struggles of mental illness.”

8. Death on Holiday

“‘Death on Holiday’ was the first song that we wrote as a band. It’s about political turmoil and is really about the end of a war. ‘Death On Holiday’ IS sending death on vacation.”

9. Paper Airplane Heart

“‘Paper Airplane Heart’ is really about personal struggles and making it through another day and in hopes that one sees that everything does get better.”

10. Breathe

“‘Breathe’ is really about intolerance and inclusion for all. It is to let everybody know that we see you and we hear you.”

11. Velvets Drawn

“‘Velvets Drawn’ is possibly one of the most personal songs in the entire album. It’s about someone that was very close to the inner circle of the band. It is our way of letting her know that she was always thought of and will always be remembered.”

Rock & Blues Muse praised the record in their (6/7/23) review, stating: “The band uses its alternative rock base to explore new textures, melodies, and the individual influences of each member. The result of this recipe is 11 tracks of fresh, tough-toned rock music full of top-flight vocals, guitar ideas, and an intense desire to not sound like any other band. Crashing Wayward has the dual gifts of outstanding creative instincts and full control of the power of rock and roll. They’re one of the most vital and alive new bands you’ll check out in 2023 or any other year. Crank them up and feel the heat for yourself.”

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