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Crucified Barbara - The Midnight ChaseSwedish rockers are showing signs of demonic possession & is offering everyone the visual proof:

Directed & edited by Jérôme Piel-Desruisseaux for Origin Prod and produced by 106 db’s Döm Bérard, “The Crucifier” comes from ’s latest album The Midnight Chase.

About the video shoot, guitarist & backing vocalist Klara Force shares:

“The gig part of the video was shot at Le Forum in Vauréal outside of Paris on a day off during our French spring tour earlier this year. Basically we rocked out the entire day, headbanging our necks sore, fantasizing about bloody revenge on ex-boyfriends and evil bosses. We got in contact with the director through our French booking agent and we all thought ‘Hell yeah!’ when we read the synopsis. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to be on the set when the acting part of the video was shot, but we were blown away when we saw the final result. A young girl retaliating against her abusive, sinister mother with a pair of scissors in an old-school horror movie-looking video is definitely something right up the ‘Justice For The Weak’ alley of CRUCIFIED BARBARA.”

Formed in Stockholm in 1998, CRUCIFIED BARBARA play a fiery brand of rock ‘n’ roll tinged with metal and lashings of punk, pop, thrash, and whatever else dares to cross their path. When Motörhead mates with The Runaways, these Ladies in Leather are the progeny – and they’re a bull’s-eye knock-out punch that’ll make you spit out broken teeth.

Additional CRUCIFIED BARBARA videos: “Rock Me Like The Devil,” and “Into The Fire.”

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