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DARKE COMPLEX CD ART - 5-29-15It’s the final R.I.P. for Widow. They are now DARKE COMPLEX. Their EP, dubbed Widow, titled almost like an epitaph for their former name, is out now, via Spinefarm. The coordinates of the follow-up full-length are carefully being plotted as we speak. But for now, we are invaded by “Intrusive Thoughts,” the video of which is being premiered today, May 28, at

It’s dark. It’s creepy. It’s really fucking weird. And that’s everything you will love about it. “‘Intrusive Thoughts’ is the last song on our debut EP, Widow. It’s our way of saying goodbye, both literally and figuratively. It’s the end of the record, the end of this story, and the end of this era in our existence.” But there’s no period at the end of this sentence. What’s next? Well, you’ll just have to stay tuned, won’t you? Look for clues amongst The Crows.

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