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“Unsung” Words & Images is a new book by David Ellefson of Megadeth, featuring original lyrics and never-before-published images. “Unsung” Words & Images is now available via in deluxe hardcover and softcover editions, as well as a downloadable version through the iBooks app for iPad and iPhone.  We had a chance to speak to David about the downloadable version of “Unsung” Words & Images and he stated “The Apple iBooks version is really cool for iPad/iPhone and if anyone gets sticker shock on the prices that version is only $7.99, which I think is perfect for most metal heads.”

“Unsung” Words & Images captures the latest chapter in the life of one of metal music’s most iconic and influential artists, as he explores a new medium for his lyrical creativity. The book is also David’s first venture into the realm of self-publishing and as a result, he encourages the reader to utilize his new and original lyrics under license from him for their own songs. In this manner, song-writers of all levels can actually become a co-writer with David.

As bassist for the rock group MEGADETH, David has been a regular contributor to one of Metal music’s most enduring legacies. Followers of David’s work will be delighted that “Unsung” Words & Images proves to be yet another unique narrative from a man who is known for creating fresh and innovative ways to inspire and connect with his fans.

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