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EMP picMEGADETH bassist and EMP LABEL GROUP’s President David Ellefson podcasted yesterday a special 34 minutes Facebook live-stream event, making special announcements, and talking about the State of the “Ellefson” Union, EMP Label Group, EMP: Underground, partnership with Alpha Omega Management, Ellefson Coffee Co, MEGADETH and more!

If you missed it, or if you want to watch it again, click below:

As recently was announced, in July 2016, EMP Label Group and ALPHA OMEGA Management merged forces for a two-way partnership!

ALPHA OMEGA Management entered EMP Label Group creating a new sub-label for upcoming artists, and, furthermore DAVID ELLEFSON and THOM HAZAERT (Artist Manager, Music and Film Producer, A&R Director, Operations Manager at EMP Label Group) entered ALPHA OMEGA Management, to form a global partnership for management and booking.

Watch the video statement of David Ellefson with Alex Azzali and Roberto Risso:

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More information at:
EMP Label Group: http://empmerch.com
ALPHA OMEGA Management:


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