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the heavy trio of new grunge who carry the emotional vibe of heavy rock is causing quite the stir in the windy city and beyond. continues to sell their sound with their new single/video “Bought and Sold” (from their debut EP by the same name), as they continue to carve out their place. incorporates their own motto of: “#Make America Grunge Again”, “#Make Grunge Great Again” and even “#Grunge is Back” as they define collectively what fans expect – the true feel of rock.

Front-man Paul Wandtke (Trivium, Rock of Ages, Kill Hannah), drummer Sean McCole, and bassist Mike Petrasik (Bedlem) signal that the feel of their rock maintains “less is more.” Their live shows, which you can catch coming up (see below), will embrace the mood of Dead Original’s music. Catch “Bought and Sold” along with their last single “Restrained” under TLG Entertainment/INgrooves.

“Lyrically the single “Bought and Sold” is about greed and corruption with the general consensus that it’s really up to you to make a change and difference in this world. You can’t simply wait around for things to get fixed as anyone and everyone has the potential to make a difference. We think fans of rock will enjoy both this single and album; cheers!” – Paul Wandtke

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Track List:

  1. Move
  2. Hard to See
  3. Bored Again
  4. Restrained
  5. Bought and Sold
  6. Blasted
  7. Let it Burn
  8. My Friends
  9. Beached
  10. Fade to Light
  11. Searching
  12. Die Alone
  13. Circles [intro]
  14. Circles


Dead Original supporting SLN @ 7:00pm

Aurora, IL, United States



Dead Original & Bedlem @ Phat Headz II w/ GAIN @ 8:00pm

Green Bay, WI, United States


Dec 4 Fri

Toys For Tots At The WC Social Club @ 6:00pm

West Chicago, IL, United States


Dec 5 Sat

The Bins Annual Toys For Tots @ 7:00pm

Bradley, IL, United States



Dec 6 Sun

Toys For Tots Twisted Spoke Saloon @ 7:00pm

Pekin, IL, United States



Dead Original at The Cotillion supporting SLN @ 7:00pm

Wichita, KS, United States



Dead Original at Diamond Ballroom supporting SLN @ 8:00pm

Oklahoma City, OK, United States



Dead Original – supporting SLN @ 7:00pm

Green Bay, WI, United States



Dead Original supporting SLN @ 7:00pm

Minneapolis, MN, United States



Dead Original supporting SLN @ 7:00pm

Spokane, WA, United States



Dead Original supporting SLN @ 7:00pm

Boise, ID, United States

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