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Brutal Western Canadian death metallers XUL have posted a lyric video for their track ‘Mastication Of Putrescent Empyrean Remains’ from their debut full length ‘Malignance’ released earlier this year, which they are also offering as a FREE DOWNLOAD as they currently work on their follow up EP.

To check out the video below

FREE DOWNLOAD at the following link here.

Malignance features eight tracks of crushing rhythms seamlessly coalescing into atmospheric passages, accompanied by punishing percussion waves and subtle vocal harmonies. If you’re a fan of Blackened Death Metal and bands such as Behemoth, Dissection and Immortal, then this is one album not to be missed.

Track Listing – Malignance

  1. Battlestorm 04:27
  2. Mastication of Putrescent Empyrean Remains 05:14
  3. Porta Noctis 05:08
  4. Vengeance 03:28
  5. Winter’s Reign 04:26
  6. Hordes of Black 05:29
  7. Incinerate the Earth 04:17
  8. Tomb of Tyrants 05:54

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