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Canadian death thrashers MORTOR are proud to announce they will be performing at this year’s Hammer Smashed Radio’s Moshpit Warfare taking place on November 17th in Ottawa, ON at Cafe Dekcuf alongside headliners Immersed, Wretchedpain, …From The Deep and Accursed Creation. HMR is offering a FREE DOWNLOAD compilation of all the bands performing at the following location here.

Mortor unleashed their new 14 track death thrash album ‘Shoot ‘Em Up’ last month to great acclaim to follow up 2010’s debut ‘Metal Ride’. Recorded at Garage Studios by Christian Donaldson (CRYPTOPSY, MYTHOSIS) and engineered by Mathieu Marcotte (AUGURY), both whom also made guest guitar solo appearances on tracks Point Black (guitar solo by Donaldson) and For Glory (guitar solo by Marcotte), ‘Shoot ‘Em Up’ features blistering speed, crushing riffs, and Mortor‘s trademark catchy hooks.

‘Shoot ‘Em Up’ can be purchased at the following bandcamp link –

FREE DOWNLOAD – ‘Under The Flag‘ –

Album Trailer

Shoot ‘Em Up Track Listing:

  1. Intro 00:44
  2. Under The Flag 03:00
  3. Eat Lead 03:37
  4. Shoot ‘Em Up 03:00
  5. Clusterfuck 03:24
  6. Trigger Happy 02:41
  7. Locked And Loaded 03:35
  8. Infidels 03:51
  9. Whiskey Surgery 03:59
  10. For Glory 03:42
  11. Days of Our Knives 03:55
  12. Point Blank 03:29
  13. The Bonesaw 04:20
  14. Let’s Deflagrate 04:05

For more info and updates on Mortor please visit their official website at, Facebook and Twitter.

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