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Vocalist extraordinaire Paul D’Adamo is no stranger to the world of Phil Collins and Genesis. His debut CD ‘Tell Me Something’ not only showcases a mixture of original compositions and re-done, lesser known classics by Phil Collins and Genesis, but also features essentially the core of Phil Collins’s touring band: Brad Cole, Leland Sklar, Daryl Stuermer, Chester Thompson, Luis Conte, Arnold McCuller, Amy Keys, Lynne Fiddmont, and renowned jazz saxophonist Gerald Albright (who also worked with the Phil Collins Big Band). Of course, many members of Phil’s touring band are active session players, and there have been projects where a couple of them have played together, but ‘Tell Me Something’ represents the first time almost all of Phil Collins’s entire ensemble of musicians have come together on a project…without Phil Collins!

“Paul D’Adamo’s cover of ‘Entangled’ is a very beautifully put together version – magical. Paul’s voice is really good.” – Steve Hackett

And just what is it about Phil Collins and Genesis that Paul D’Adamo finds so appealing? Paul explains, “As a vocalist first, then keyboardist and drummer, the music of Genesis was written with those thick ‘outside the box’ voicings to certainly establish their distinctive sound. I always tend to challenge myself as a musician, and their use of time signatures to fit lyrically and melodically inspired me. Phil’s music was very autobiographical for me. It seemed that his melodies and lyrics provided a day to day soundtrack for my life. I enjoy that both Genesis and Phil Collins music tends to be the round peg that can also fit into the square hole. Neither the band nor solo artist were ever the type of musicians to play it safe!”

From the time he started formal lessons at the age of six, Paul has had diverse musical influences. Some of these styles include classical, jazz, pop, musical theater and rock. His passion for singing, performing, and piano playing continued through his college years where he studied with some of the finest teachers at the Indiana University School of Music, The Juilliard School and Berklee College of Music. He also began teaching a number of students, as well as studying privately to further his art and hone his craft. In 2002, Paul opened The D’Adamo School of Performing Arts, where he still teaches private voice, piano, drums, music theory and songwriting lessons in his Grapevine studio.

‘Tell Me Something’ was mostly recorded in Nashville at the Colemine Studios owned by Brad Cole, who produced the album. We made a few trips to LA to track with Leland Sklar, Arnold McCuller, Amy Keys, Lynne Fiddmont, Darlene Koldenhoven and Grant Geissman. The album took two years to the day to complete and was a true labor of love for Paul, allowing him to make great music with his influences, who have since become dear friends. Fans of Genesis will enjoy hearing things on Paul’s new album like Daryl Stuermer’s take on “Entangled” (from the 1976 album ‘A Trick Of The Tail’) alongside a fairly faithful version of the song. But it must be stressed that Paul D’Adamo is not a Genesis tribute act by any stretch of the imagination, he is an accomplished songwriter in his own right, which is witnessed by his unique compositions also included on ‘Tell Me Something’. Says Paul, “I wanted a collective of songs that were very personal to me. Songs that had seen me go through the highs and lows of my life both professionally and personally. So if I wanted a musical autobiography, I guess this would have been it.”

“Paul D’Adamo’s reworking of ‘Entangled’ from ‘A Trick Of The Tail’ – a real gem among the embarrassment of riches that is the Genesis catalogue – is probably the most interesting and entertaining thing here, though the echo-swathed acapella rendition of ‘Guide Vocal’, previously a showcase for Collins on the ‘Duke’ album, ends proceedings on a high note.” – Dave Ling, Classic Rock Presents Prog magazine

And how did Paul’s ultimate dream band come to fruition, he explains, “I had reached out to Brad Cole, keyboardist with Phil Collins since 1989, and mentioned to him about the potential of doing an album of some Genesis/Phil Collins songs as well as a few of my own. I didn’t really have a band, so when he asked if I had a drummer in mind, before I could give him an answer, he was like, ‘No worries, we’ll just get Chester to do it’ – as in Chester Thompson! Then it became, let’s get Daryl, Leland, and so on and so on… No one said ‘no’, everyone seemed to be thrilled with the idea. So the Phil/Genesis family kept growing until I realized I had 9 musicians associated with the Genesis and Phil Collins bands.”

As far as future plans, in the afterglow of the success of Paul’s latest release, he has ventured back into the recording studio to record his next album. Says Paul, “I’m currently working on a new album that will be released on the label I am signed to, Melodic Revolution Records. The new album is titled ‘Rawfully Organic’ and is being produced by long time Peter Gabriel drummer Jerry Marotta. I’ve been traveling up to Woodstock, and this album will feature some musicians off of ‘Tell Me Something’, as well as musicians from the Peter Gabriel Band, King Crimson, and so many other fine artists as well. I expect my second album to have more of an edgier sound to it. It will consist of a handful of Gabriel/Genesis tunes, as well as some original songs. We plan on having the release sometime in 2013, possibly with a DVD or some short film on the making of the album.” Paul is no stranger to live performances as well. His first gig promoting ‘Tell Me Something’ consisted of his band that included members of Phil Collins, Genesis and the Elton John band, which featured renowned drummer, Charlie Morgan, who also recorded 2 tracks on Paul’s album. Paul’s first show…sharing a triple bill with Ambrosia and Kansas late last year!

“I very much look forward to producing Paul D’Adamo’s new recording. Paul approached me a few months ago and we started a creative/musical dialogue on how we could collaborate. In the process, Paul sent me a copy of his current recording ‘Tell Me Something’. I was immediately blown away by the first track ‘Tell Me Something’, a song Paul wrote with his longtime friend and collaborator, Chris Remediani. You could say I was hooked from the first 20 seconds. As I listened on, I was really impressed with Paul’s interpretations of a few Phil Collins songs as well as a few Genesis compositions. One of many high points is his interpretation of the song ‘Entangled’, an absolutely beautiful vocal arrangement. Paul has an amazing voice. He stacked the deck in his favor when he hired longtime Phil Collins collaborator Brad Cole to produce his record. Brad did an incredible job of helping Paul redesign some Collins/Genesis classics. Add to this a who’s who of world class musicians like Chester Thompson, Leland Sklar, Daryl and Duane Stuermer and you’ve got a formula for a phenomenal recording. Keep your eyes open for this guy!” – Drum legend/Producer Jerry Marotta.

“As president of an independent label I receive hundreds of music submissions each week in various stages from demos to finished product. When ‘Tell Me Something’ came across my desk via a friend, I gave it a good spin and halfway through the album I realized this was no ordinary album or band. The production of this album was one of the best I have ever heard from an independent artist. The musicianship was top notch and featuring some of the best in the music business. I immediately contacted Paul and asked him if he would like to sign a deal with us, and the rest as they say is history. We have added ‘Tell Me Something’ to our catalog and are working very close with Paul on his upcoming album due out in early 2013.” – Nick Katona, President, Melodic Revolution Records

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