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Devin Townsend ProjectLast month, the released The Retinal , an epic recording of Hevy Devy’s sold-out show at the Roundhouse in in 2012. On Black Friday (Nov. 29th), a white 10″ with two tracks from this special extravaganza will be available at participating retailers in the USA. Entitled Lucky Animals “ From The Retinal Circus”, the 10″ features hand-drawn cover artwork by Devin himself and the following track-listing:

Lucky Animals “ From The Retinal Circus” track-listing

Side A

1. Lucky Animals

Side B

1. Truth

Limited to 1000 copies, this exclusive 10″ will disappear fast. To find a store that carries Lucky Animals “ From The Retinal Circus”, please visit:

For a preview of The Retinal , can watch the previously released DVD clips for “Kingdom“, “Grace“, and “War“. To purchase The Retinal , please visit iTunes for a copy or CM Distro for a variety of physical formats.

Read on for a few reviews of The Retinal :

“A thrilling blend of standard concert fare, visual theatre, and wild stage antics, its absurdity, ambition, and staggering showmanship make [‘The Retinal Circus’] an incredibly engaging experience.”

“Anyone who is a fan of anything should totally pick up ‘Retinal Circus’ in some form…”

“[‘The Retinal Circus’] showcases [Devin Townsend’s] passions, his theatricality, and, yes, his insane genius while being entirely playful and charming.”BLOODY

“…a conceptual orgasm of the eyes.”

“…I would certainly recommend that pick up this album. If I could, I would have given ‘The Retinal Circus’ a 6/5…” .com

“‘The Retinal Circus’ is full of the energy and smart-ass antics Townsend has been giving to his gigs since he began doing them again.”HEAVY


Feb. 18-22– 2014–Miami, FL


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