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dd - lets get loud coverHoning their songs on stages throughout the UK with bands including Crash Diet and Warrior Soul, Dirty Diamonds captures the sounds that makes them Ireland’s definitive rock act on their new CD titled “Lets Get Loud.”

Dublin, Ireland – November 1st, 2013 (JoeDolanPR): Dirty Diamonds drops their debut full length CD titled “Lets Get Loud” for worldwide distribution on November 15th, 2013. Fans will be able to make purchases directly through the band’s website and digital tracks will become available through other resources shortly thereafter.

The title track and pre-release single “Lets Get Loud” is an anthem for the young, harkening back to a day when MTV ruled supreme and throngs of fans belted out their angst at big stage concerts around the globe. Recorded with a full supply of hard rock harmonies, crisp guitar distortion and catchy hooks, the full length debut release by Dirty Diamonds is a refreshing entry into the modern day rock archives with 12 songs that showcase why this band is leading the pack in the UK hard rock market.

“After the EP was released in January, we took the time to rehearse and tighten every aspect of the music,” shares front man Jonathan Ryan. “It’s the kind of thing you want to get right the first time. If you slack on production, the fans are going to know and they’ll let you know if they’re unhappy. We took the time to make sure it was done right and we’re excited to get this out to our fans.”

The band chose to record the full length CD at Dublin’s famous Bow Lane Studios, one of the top locations Def Leppard used to capture tracks featured on their “Retroactive” album in 1993. Working diligently with Recording Engineer Tom Slattery, Illustrator Rob Hogan and Mastering Engineer Richard Dowling, the band brings together a combination of sound and packaging that speaks directly to hard rock music fans. It’s a reflection of the 80’s hard rock influence that has inspired Dirty Diamonds to write and perform their music the way they do.

To kick off the release, the band will be sharing the stage at the Belfast Empire with fellow top draw rockers the Screaming Eagles on November 21st. The show is dubbed the Sounds Of Northern Ireland, and will also feature opening acts Payola and Sweet Taste. Details for the performance are online at venue website:

To follow up on Dirty Diamonds and to get your personal copy of the CD, visit the band’s official website at: or find them on Facebook at:

The track list for “Lets Get Loud” includes:

1. Let’s Get Loud
2. Goin’ Down
3. Against The Grain
4. Last Chance For Love
5. Crash & Burn
6. Want You To Want Me
7. Waking Up The Neighborhood
8. Sex With No Strings
9. Hell or High Water
10. Leaving Town
11. Paradise & Tropicana
12. A Wandering Heart

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