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We have all hear about March Madness, but what about Music Madness? With the help of Primary Wave, March Madness isn’t just for basketball fans. To celebrate PW’s iconic artists’ catalogues, the team has created several bracket-style contests mirroring the NCAA Tournament’s for fans to predict which songs will be crowned the 2021 fan favorite. Fans have been participating by submitting their own prediction brackets and selecting their favorite song for each matchup. Each week leading up to the championship matchup, they can go back and battle it out to vote their favorite songs up to victory. Some of the legendary artists participating in the challenge include Disturbed, Alice Cooper, Godsmack, Moody Blues, Def Leppard, and Cypress Hill. 

Current Campaigns:

Disturbed’s “Down With The Brackets” –

Alice Cooper’s “Cooper Craziness” –

Godsmack-Down Bracket Challenge –

Cypress Hill’s “Insane In The Brackets” –

Moody Blues “Moody Madness” –

Def Leppard’s Rock Brigade Bracket:

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