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Dreaming Bull red 6-26-14Based out of Los Angeles, is what you get when you mix rock ‘n roll with dirty juke joint blues and gospel shouts. Their self produced, self-titled album is out now.
The band is a work of collaborative musical art by Gabe Rowland and Nic Capelle. It was a chance meeting between music lifers: Gabe’s band opened for Nic’s in Chicago, the two – Gabe from Northeast LA and Nic from Western Australia – bonded over a mutual love of “dusty, old vintage gospel and lost blues.”
“On an ice-cold walk down Irving Park in Chicago,” Gabe explains, “we decided: heavy gospel influence, a little garage-psychedelic… We always acknowledge those parameters,” Gabe continues, “but the music takes on a life of its own. Once it gets dragged through all the early Van Halen records that are in your gut, it’s going to come out modern.”
A lot of craft goes into what sounds like abandon. Gabe sat behind the kit for Moby, John Cale and his own bands Momma Stud (Virgin) and The Peak Show (Atlantic), and is a go-to collaborator for Beastie Boys producer Mario C. Nic’s first band won an international talent search when he was 20. His later outfit Capelle built a fierce following in Europe.
Their sound has already been prized by music supervisors. The songs “No Use” from the debut album added dramatic punch to the season finale of USA’s “Suits.” And “Get Things Done” soundtracked Carl’s Jr.’s “X-Men: Days of Future Past” ad while “Dirty Girl” fit the vibe for FX’s “Sons of Anarchy.”
Let’s be clear: is a contemporary beast, replete with bass patrolling the deep trenches, crafty electronics and a pair of vamps singing backup. It feels like nothing short of a coming-out party where something new and sonically different takes hold and a new journey begins.

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