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Check out the appropriately titled ‘The Dukes Return’ from their upcoming sophomore album, “Freakshow” (August 7, 2020). 

Who’s looking forward to this album? For those who don’t know, features John Payne and Erik Norlander and is melodic rock with touches of progressive rock. Certainly recommended for fans of Original Asia and sonically similar acts.

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  1. The Dukes Return
  2. The Ice Is Thin
  3. Freakshow
  4. The Monitors
  5. Man Of Machine
  6. The Last Time Traveller
  7. A Quest For Knowledge
  8. The Great Brass Steam Engine
  9. When Ravens Cry
  10. Until Then



John Payne – Vocals, Bass, Guitars

Erik Norlander – Keyboards

Frank Klepacki – Drums

Alex Garcia – Guitars

Eric Tewalt – Saxophone


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