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Hailing from the shores of Santa Cruz, CA, modern revivalist James has released his boldest, heaviest album to date, the debut album from , “The Beast Awakens“. James has finally released the album that he has always wanted to over the course of his decade long recording career. Combining his love of all things , , and , Durbin set out to craft his own signature strain of fantasy inspired power metal for his debut Durbin album, “The Beast Awakens”. Fans of revivalists like , , , , and the like, as well as hard rock and classic enthusiasts in general are in for a treat!

“An ironclad homage to metal’s classic New Wave of British era, which finds the frontman in peak form and will leave you convinced this must be some long lost gem that was inexplicably left in the vaults of a long-defunct indie metal label from nearly 40 years ago.” -Loudwire

Watch the video ‘Kings Before You‘ featuring () and (ex-, Vio-lence) HERE:


Watch the video for “The Prince of Metal” HERE:


– Vocals. Rhythm Guitars

Jon Yadon Jr., Marc Putnam, Dylan Rose, & Nick Gallant – Guitars

Barry Sparks – Bass

Mike Vanderhule – Drums

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