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EDGE Of Attack are proud to announce the official release of their debut self-titled album via Halifax based label Spread The Metal Records on Tuesday, February 19, 2013, which is now available for pre-order at the following link here, along with the first single ‘Forever’, which can be heard in the band’s latest music video below.

Forever – Music Video

Produced by EAO guitarist/vocalist Jurekk Whipple, the debut features ten tracks of haunting vocals, shredding guitars, complex bass lines, furious drumming plus choral and symphonic arrangements along with guest artists by solo artist Ivan Gianinni, Ryan Boivard (Hallows Die) and Pellek (Damnation Angels).

Vocalist Roxanne Gordey comments:

“We have been looking forward to this for so long! For us, this album represents our dedication to our fans. They have shown the utmost loyalty and patience, so we hope that our efforts have an opportunity to shine with this release. Our journey through these songs has spurred a creative evolution of Edge of Attack, and with that we hope our self-titled LP will mark our place in the metal community.”

Edge of Attack – Track Listing

  1. In Hell 4:36
  2. The Haunting 5:08
  3. Demon (Of The Northern Seas) feat. Ivan Giannini 5:04
  4. Take Me Alive 4:24
  5. In The Night 4:27
  6. Edge Of Attack 5:07
  7. Rise Above 5:55
  8. Forever 3:46
  9. The Damned feat. Ryan Bovaird 6:01

10. Set The World Aflame feat. PelleK 8:29

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