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ENTIERROa collective from Connecticut joins forces with ex- Guitarist Victor Arduini to begin a new chapter with the release of a lyric video for new song “Cyclonic Winds.” The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming self-titled debut album (targeted for September release). Experience “Cyclonic Winds,” courtesy of The Obelisk, at:

Stream another new song, “Turn out the Lights,” as well as “Cyclonic Winds,” and pre-order the album at

The sound can best be described as focused on heavy drum and bass interplay, twin guitars harmonizing over visceral riffs with dynamic, multi-layered vocals. Founding member Christopher Taylor Beaudette (vocals/bass), who has played with and KINGDOM OF SORROW, provides a unique blend of captivating melodies mixed with soaring harmonies, as the band seamlessly blends NWOBHM with a bit of Thrash and a touch of Doom into captivating and surprisingly catchy songs.  is a modern Classic Heavy Metal band that is focused on using their past influences to create an intense expression of powerful riffs and handcrafted slabs of undisputed sonic steel that any fan of the genre will appreciate and enjoy. 

When asked what led to his joining up with the band in early 2017 Arduini stated:

“They were the one band from my area I was really digging. Their sound was true old school metal that just had some really cool heavy riffs and songwriting. They have elements of doom, bit of thrash and yet it comes across a class metal for the new ages. They took me out of my comfort zone as I had to learn a few new tricks which I’ve been embracing. I was a fan the first time I heard them. Chris is a great front man and after going to see them play a few shows I learned one of their guitarists was leaving and I was asked if I’d be interested in joining them. The timing was perfect. After finishing the Arduini/Balich album I pretty much needed a break from all that writing/producing I did and this allows me to just be a part of a band again without it all falling on my shoulders. With the great writing skills of the others I can focus on putting my style over what they come up with and occasionally add a riff or two when needed. It helped keep me actively playing and I’ve just been having a blast playing these songs with such awesome musicians.”

has played extensively throughout the Northeast, surprising fans of all types of heavy genres with their energetic and precise live shows, and have released two EPs since 2014. ENTIERRO is ow set to release their first self-titled debut album, which was recorded at Dexter’s Lab in Milford, CT by engineer Nick Bellmore. The band will be performing a series of shows throughout New England in support of their new release. Dates can be found at

Track List

  1. Cyclonic Winds
  2. Dybbuk
  3. Turn out the Lights
  4. Cauldron of War
  5. Valley of Deceit
  6. Santa Murete
  7. Live to Tell
  8. Controlled Burn

Christopher Taylor Beaudette (/Kingdom of Sorrow) – Vocals/Bass
Victor Arduini (Ex-, Arduini/Balich,Freedoms Reign) Guitars
Christopher Begnal – Guitars
Dave Parmelee – Drums

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