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The Babys picAfter a thirty-three year absence from the music scene, The Babys are back with a new lead singer, guitarist and 13 new songs, which they premiered to a crowded recording studio filled with eager listeners waiting to get a first listen Tuesday night in Chatsworth, CA, a sleepy little suburb of Los Angeles, which also happens to be the porn capital of the world…just sayin’.

The Babys features original members lead guitarist Wally Stocker and drummer Tony Brock, along with the newest additions to the band: lead vocalist/bassist John Bisaha and Joey Sykes on rhythm guitar.  “We’ve had numerous offers through the years for The Babys to reform,” said Stocker.  “The whole premise of this band is to keep The Babys alive and have a good time doing it.”

Every Time I See You There will be the first single released off the LP and is one of Sykes favorite tunes, though he feels picking a favorite is like choosing a favorite child; it’s impossible.  “Yeah, our first single, Every time I See You There; it’s my favorite because I feel it’s very strong, universal and everyone’s gonna dig it.”

IMG_2355 CROPThe new CD is laced with a lot of vintage Babys heart and soul poured into each song; a force that set them apart when they first appeared on the scene but with the band’s newest additions, the sound has evolved and translated into music that audiences of all ages can relate to.  “We were definitely mindful of pleasing The Babys’ fans,” states Sykes with a smile, “first and foremost, we wanted to sound a little familiar but we also wanted to have our own sound.  And of course having a new singer will give us that but the sound is familiar yet original to new fans and those that were with us in the beginning.  We’re definitely The Babys but with a different feel just by default because of the new blood.”  So does John Waite feel the same?  According to the band, he’s given his blessing, loves the tracks he’s heard, and has already given his two cents on the singles he thinks are hits. The guys couldn’t be happier with the direction they’re headed and in the end, nobody can deny that although it may not be the complete original line-up, they’ll still always be our Babys.


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