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Austin, TX’s Ne’er-do-well (the pseudonym of -man band ) has announced a September 30th release date for his debut EP ‘Fun Days.’

Ne’er-do-well is the product of Rolli’s hopes, dreams, anxieties and neuroses. (And his riffs. Plenty of those.) The musician wrote and performed every note on ‘Fun Days,’ inspired by the -man exploits of Paul McCartney, and countless other stars vastly more famous and talented than him.

The -song is a wry, raucous de force of and -punk, combining the decadent aggression of and Guns N’ Roses with the fizzy hooks and whip-smart lyrics of and Green Day.

The EP’s first single “Compromise” will be released on August 19th and is now available to pre-order here.

Watch for a music of “Compromise” in the weeks ahead.


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