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Newly formed alternative rock band have released the New Music Video for their debut single,”Footprints.” Originally premiered on Guitar World, “Footprints” was self-directed and was filmed by Jonathan Britt.

“‘Footprints’ is all about the pocket, the groove, and singing!! What a blast it was to record this! I can’t wait to play it live! – .

–a new alternative rock band consisting of the multi-talented on vocals, who you may also know him as Young Jack Sparrow in or the drummer in ’s video “” with the cast of Lords of Chaos, in which he plays “Hell Hammer”, Mike Krompass – Guitar player and Multi-Platinum producer , Notorious session drummer Randy Cooke and last, but not least, (Mr. Big, Winery Dogs) on bass, who needs no introduction.

is not typical of any of their past projects, It’s a fresh new direction, but uses their influences to create a more modern sound, with heavy guitars, powerful riffs, crushing grooves and huge vocals.

Twitter : @thefellband

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