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New female-fronted Goth Rock Metal band Le Reverie release their long awaited debut album, Dark Symphony. This 12-Song record is an amazing combination of Symphony, Goth Rock, Metal and Progressive Rock. The first pressing of the album will also include a free DVD of their Gothic Video Single of the song “Hold Me Down” and will be a Limited Edition only.

“Dark Symphony” will take you on an amazing journey – from the symphonic musical elegance of “La Naissance;” and the dark, heavy/progressive title track, “Dark Symphony;” to the tender ballad “Ghost Of You” and the haunting tribute to Edgar Allan Poe himself, “Raven.”

Le Reverie has been glowingly referred to as a combination of Dream Theater and Evanescence. Martin Howell of POWER PLAY MAGAZINE in theUKsays,  “Musically Le Reverie remind you of Evanescence…. tracks of well-played, well-sung and well-produced hard rock.” Dave Attrill fromMETALLIVILLE,UK’s Finest Rock and Metal Webzine says – “Le Reverie are like a girl-fronted Dream Theater…they are impressive.”

Internationally-distributed trade publication MUSIC CONNECTION raves, “Le Reverie create musical dreamscapes by combining a classic metal sound with dark, rich Gothic overtones; trance-inducing chord combinations embellished with powerful metal passages; and lyrics that conjure up secret yearnings and fears make these songs memorable — and like a poem by Edgar Allen Poe, this band’s lyrical obsession with ghosts, darkness and dreams will more than satisfy.”

Don’t miss out on the free DVD; it will only be available for a limited time on the band’s website

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