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Nightwish vocalistThe / singer will appear in the leading role on the next of Timo Tolkki’s Avalon Opera.

Jansen is the main vocalist on the and sings lead vocals on single and promotional video. The release date for both single and the is planned for March. The recordings are currently taking place in East Sound Studios in Helsinki, Finland. Jansen joins the cast that already includes singer and the of the early Stratovarius. Lineup: Tuomo Lassila on drums (the founder of Stratovarius) and Antti Ikonen on keyboards (the original keyboard player of Stratovarius).

A European is also planned for May 2014, to coincide with the release of the album. More details on the lineup and dates will be revealed later.

Timo Tolkki comments straight from the studio: “I am right now recording probably the best vocalist I have worked with in my whole career. This has been a jaw dropping and I thought I have already seen it all. Floor has proven me wrong. For example in the 10 minute title track of the album, she delivers in my opinion the best vocals of her career so far. This song is probably the biggest sounding of my whole career and Floor simply makes it an astonishing, almost breathtaking experience! both surprised of how amazing this has turned out to be and both very happy to hear how amazing it sounds.

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