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Framing HanleyFRAMING HANLEY have decided to release three brand new songs FOR FREE on their website due to the delay of their upcoming album THE SUM OF WHO WE ARE.  The three songs (CROOKED SMILES, NO SAVING ME, and WALT AND THE WOLVES) are available now.

FRAMING HANLEY hit the scene in 2007 with THE MOMENT (featuring LOLLIPOP, HEAR ME NOW) and their 2010 sophomore release A PROMISE TO BURN (You Stupid Girl, Back To Go Again).

The Sum Of Who We Are was funded entirely by the band’s loyal fanbase by donating money via a Kickstarter campaign.  “First and foremost, our incredible fans are the reason it’s even possible” states Nixon.  “They funded the entire thing on Kickstarter. That is still unbelievable to us. Every band says that they feel like they’re getting better with the years.  So while I feel that’s a trite statement, I can’t deny it. We’ve never written as much material for an album as we did for this one. We had to cut so many songs that we felt were strong.  We also recorded songs for the album that we felt weren’t ‘there’ yet only to go back to the drawing board and get it right.  This record from start to finish will be all that we have in us. The ‘sum of who we are’ if you will.”

The band recently released a YouTube message explaining the delay that can be viewed here …

Framing Hanley is:

Nixon – vocals

Ryan Belcher – guitar

Brandon Wootten – guitar

Chris Vest – drums

For more info:

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