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Swedish hard rock band has since their debut in 2017 received great response globally with their melodic version of Classic Rock. In a short time they have reached a total of almost 5 million spins on various streaming services such as Spotify and Youtube.

Ahead of the upcoming third album, they are now transforming the line-up, and Franco Santunione from Electric Boys is joining as the new lead guitarist and Robert Karaszi is also back on drums.

Franco Santunione is best known as a member of the original line-up of Electric Boys where he has been active in two rounds, and also plays in the Swedish blues band Cirkus Prütz.

“It feels incredibly exciting to be part of an upcoming band with everything it entails in terms of energy, ambition and forward thinking”, says Franco Santunione.

Franco Santunione will also produce the new album, which will offer a slightly harder guitar-based, chorus-strong and energetic style.

“We are very glad to have Franco in the band. He will contribute with his experience both on stage, as a songwriting partner and in production”, says singer Stefan Blomqvist.

Robert Karaszi, who played on the band’s debut album “Late Bloomer” but has lived in Los Angeles for two years, is also making a comeback in .

“It’s great fun to be back in , and play on the new album, which I think is by far the band’s strongest album so far”, says returning Karaszi.

The new line-up of Black Paisley anno 2020:

• Stefan Blomqvist – guitar and lead vocals

• Jan Emanuelsson – bass

• Franco Santunione – guitar and backing vocals

• Robert Karaszi – drums and percussion

The planned release date for the new album is end of 2020, with the ambition to come out and play the new material live in 2021.

Former members and producers Ulf Hedin (Guitar) and Robert Wirensjö (Keyboard) are leaving Black Paisley and continues with Mikael Kerslow (Drums) and the two new members Ole Breimo (vocals) and Samuel Laxberg (bass) with their new project “Whale Dog”. The band’s first single will be released later this fall.

Black Paisley would like to thank Ulf, Robert and Mikael for their contribution since the start in 2015 and emphasize their importance to the band’s success and we also want to take the opportunity to wish them luck on their new exciting journey. We part as best friends and will continue to follow and support each other’s bands.


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