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FRANK PALANGI FB PROMO 7-2-15Since 2006, has been writing infectious positive driving rock. After two EP’s and recent singles released, Palangi is back with “Break These Chains”, an energetic tune that shows a little more grit and attitude but keeping the melodic part of his songwriting all the way through. Pre-Orders for the track began on iTunes June 19 with an August 28 scheduled release. ┬áThe song has already drawn some praise, winner of the Best /Pop Song category at the Akademia Music Awards in May and Tisha Emberton of Mid TN Music says that “Break These Chains is groundbreaking for what lies ahead for Palangi.”

The song was produced by Brian Craddock (Daughtry) at the Cat Room Studio in Charlottesville, VA and features Palangi as Co-Producer. Palangi handles guitar, bass and keyboards along with his vocal duties. Craddock does lead guitar work and sings backup vocals while Scotty Derrico, who has done work with Bush and Corsair, played drums.

Over the years, Palangi has worked with members of , , and Pillar and has shared the stage with of Staind, and more including winning an Upstate, NY spot on the Uproar Festival Battle of the bands. With all three of those bands known for their heavier side, it shows the direction Palangi is going with “Break These Chains”, displaying a harder edge and some aggression. Combine this with great songwriting and Palangi’s melodic and unique vocal style, it is sure to be a song on any hard rockers playlist.

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