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Guitarist/singer/songwriter FREDDIE NELSON has just released his self-produced debut solo album, SHAKE THE CAGE, a collection of eleven hook driven rock songs displaying NELSON’s impressive four octave vocal range and notoriously ferocious guitar playing. Intertwining elements of punk, pop, and blues, he has the uncanny ability to weave memorable melodies alongside intelligent lyrics to create a body of work that appeals to the masses. Also released today is a lyric video for the album’s latest single, “Light,” which can be seen on his official YouTube page.

SHAKE THE CAGE can now be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, and all other digital retail outlets. A limited number of CDs are available exclusively on

As raved: “The album is full of super catchy guitar riffs and fantastic melodies equipped for mainstream rock, but they  also still have enough edge and creativity to appeal to rock n’ roll purists. The first single on the record is ‘Hey Doll,’ a contemporary Queen-like track that really showcases NELSON’s songwriting creativity and guitar chops…SHAKE THE CAGE is creative and new yet a blast from the past; it’s top-notch rock n’ roll guitar with a dash of pop, a sprinkle of punk and a dollop of blues; there’s no strict formula to the songs; and there’s more hooks than a world class bass fishing tournament…It’s simply a must listen to any fans of not just Queen, but Muse, My Chemical Romance, The Killers or The Beatles.”

FREDDIE NELSON first came to international attention in 2010 when he collaborated with guitar virtuoso Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big) on their album, UNITED STATES. Together they wrote, performed, and produced the recording that was released on Mascot Records and toured Japan and Europe shortly after.

“The record is called SHAKE THE CAGE, because I feel that a lot of music has become one dimensional with tools such as pitch correction and formulated songwriting.  There is no substitute for hard work and honing your craft, and it’s time to challenge mediocrity,” NELSON says.

With unprecedented attention to detail, SHAKE THE CAGE is truly a solo effort. All of the writing and producing was done by Nelson as well as all of the musical and vocal performances, with the exception of drums performed by the legendary Thomas Lang (who has played with Peter Gabriel, Kelly Clarkson, John Wetton and countless others). It was mixed by Rob Hill of X Music Studios in Los Angeles, CA and was mastered by Maz Murad at Metropolis in London, England.

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