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Fudge Tunnel - Hate SongsIn 1988, FUDGE TUNNEL would spring to life during a time when bands across the globe began pushing the envelope of musical explorations. After releasing Sex Mammoth (1989) and The Sweet Sound Of Excess (1990) FUDGE TUNNEL laid the groundwork for what would become their own take on “heavy music.” Part punk, part alternative, part noise experimentations, but all FUDGE TUNNEL, Hate Songs In E Minor (1991) would come about and truly change the landscape of “extreme music” with not only musical offerings, but overall sound and production. Described by many as not only one of the most overlooked bands of the early years but also one of the most influential acts to those in the know,

FUDGE TUNNEL remain an underground institution even after their official break up in 1995. Fast forward to 2014 and for the first time since its original release in 1991, Hate Songs In E Minor is being offered on vinyl with the original album tracks as well as 4 bonus tracks that were originally offered on various EP’s, singles, and compilations. Spread out over two LP’s (3 sides of audio with side 4 being an etching) this collection is pressed on white wax with a black splatter and is housed in a double gatefold sleeve. To add even more collectability to this offering, this version also includes two double sided 12″x12″ panels that not only feature original layout parts but also offer two picture collages as well as a separate 24″x”36 poster. Truly innovative, truly underground, and a must have for any purveyor of “extreme music” in all its glorious forms. Limited to 500 pieces worldwide!


Side One:
Hate Song
Bed Crumbs
Spanish Fly
Kitchen Belt

Hate Song (Version)

Side Two:

Boston Baby
Gut Rot
Soap And Water

Joined At The Dick (Originally available as a 7″ accompaniment to the limited edition Hate Songs In E Minor LP or on the Teeth Tape EP)

Side Three:

Sunshine Of Your Love (CREAM cover, originally available on the Sunshine Of Your Love CD Single or on various pressings of Hate Songs In E Minor)
Cat Scratch Fever (Ted Nugent cover, originally available on the Sunshine Of Your Love CD Single or on various pressings of Hate Songs In E Minor)
Changes (BLACK SABBATH cover, originally available on the 10% CD Single or the In A Word compilation release from 1994)

Side Four:
Etching (No Audio)

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