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King Korea 2015London-based garage rock trio King Korea unleash their debut single ‘Zoo Generation’ on 23rd October. A taut, three-minute explosion of blistering guitars, fuzzed-out bass and psychotic vocals, it’s an angry, pounding beast of a single.

King Korea formed in October 2014 after Spanish-Canadian frontman Bruno G. Roth moved to the UK. Drummer Roger Piazza left his home in Italy to do the same thing, and together with bassist Jim Hosking, set about creating furious, thoroughly modern rock and roll which calls to mind the best of The Cramps, The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster and The Black Keys.

The band have built up a dedicated fanbase through their riotous shows across London, and ‘Zoo Generation’ was recorded at breakneck speed in a single day in an attempt to capture the full-throttle experience of King Korea in full force.

The Band –

Roger Piazza – DRUMS

Jim Hosking – BASS

Bruno G Roth – GUITAR/VOX

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