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Dallas’ new hard rock heroes Love Stricken Demise, featuring former American Idol finalist Nikki McKibbin, have released their debut Ep, Psychotrip through upstart label Down Boys, Inc.

With LSD you won’t be getting any girly Top 40 pop songstress type material.  Metal is what runs through McKibbins veins and with Psychotrip metal is exactly what you’ll get.  Down tuned, face melting ugly modern hard rock, as Nikki is joined by bandmates, guitarist, Billy Blair (also known for his acting roles in such movies as Jonah Hex, Machete and the upcoming sequel Machete 2), bassist Holly Wood and drummer, Rico.

“I think that as I got older and started to figure out who I really was as a person and as an artist  I discovered rock & metal and fell in love,” recalls Nikki.  “I’ve never been a bubblegum pop kind of girl. I love the realness of in your face hard core metal.”

Psychotrip opens with the aural blast of the title track and rips straight into the first single and video, “Celebrity High”, which Nikki says, is “a song about my personal life experiences from using to rehab to losing my mom to addiction and now having 4 years sober and all of the heartache and happiness In between.”  The imposing, slow groove of “This Life” follows, which Blair describes as “this real sexual groove thing that makes you turn off all the lights and you just close your eyes and imagine where this groove can take you. It’s actually very therapeutic!”.  The Ep closes out with the modern melodic rock of “Love And Hate.”

Love Stricken Demise is much more than an actor and a celebutante looking for an additional 15 minutes of fame.  The band has a mission and a goal.  Blair says, “LSD wants to give you ear candy sound with the eye candy visual without leaving a bad taste in your mouth. We want to make it fun to hear and see” while McKibbin adds, “Hopefully we can take this to the top. I love this project and I hope that people can relate to what I write about. If a song like ‘Celebrity High’ can reach one person than it was worth the effort and pain I endured emotionally writing it.”

The video for “Celebrity High” can be viewed below

Psychotrip can be purchased at Amazon

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