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Hot on the heels of his critically acclaimed new CD release ‘Carnaby Street’, ubiquitous rock and roller and renowned actor Michael Des Barres will be making a guest appearance on the most watched TV show worldwide, ‘NCIS’ on October 9, 2012. Acting alongside show regulars Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, David McCallum and Pauly Perrette, Michael portrays an ex-rock star down on his luck who gets caught up in some bad stuff. Tracks from ‘Carnaby Street’ will be played throughout the episode.

“I have worked on over 100 hours of television and I have never been on a set where everyone involved made me feel that I could fly with the material,” says Michael, “and feel safe enough, respected enough to do good work. Mark Harmon is the Captain of a ship that sails around the television universe like the mothership of terrific entertainment.”

“This is a very fun episode and Michael Des Barres brings tremendous humor and idiosyncrasy to the character he knows oh-too-well. We really lucked out having him join us.” – Gary Glasberg, NCIS Executive Producer

Michael Des Barres new CD titled ‘Carnaby Street’ was released worldwide by Gonzo MultiMedia on July 10, 2012 and the reaction so far has been phenomenal! The album has garnered rave reviews worldwide, attracting the attention of Steve Van Zant who considers the CD one of the best releases of the year! He has been playing the songs “Little Latin Lover” and the title track “Carnaby Street” in heavy rotation on Little Steven’s Underground Garage.

“The best album he’s ever made – He’s even better than he thinks he is!” – Steve Van Zant

Michael confesses, “I am genuinely shocked and delighted at the response to ‘Carnaby Street’. However, I am not surprised… There is a huge vacuum in rock and roll, a sense of joy and pleasure, a sensuality long trampled underfoot by a ‘hip’ reluctance to let go and let Chuck Berry, bury the self-consciousness and reticence to play music that we all can shake a tail feather too and just celebrate each other and the simplicity and sexuality of rock and roll.”

Due to the popularity of the single “Little Latin Lover”, Michael has decided to release a Spanish version of the song aimed at Latin American radio. “ ‘Little Latin Lover’ is a burst of rock and roll that is about a man who loses his wife to immigration deportation,” explains Michael. “We recorded it in Spanish and English. It has been picked up on the radio by over 180 countries.”

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