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Glenn Hughes, the former bassist, and singer of Deep Purple, known to millions as the ‘Voice of Rock’, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, and the front man for rock super group Black Country Communion, is pleased to announce an evening celebrating music from BURN and other classic hits from Deep Purple’s rich back catalog – during a tour that will mostly see him co-headlining with guitar great Yngwie Malmsteen. 

Billed as “Glenn Hughes Performs The 50th Anniversary of Deep Purple’s BURN Live”, Hughes will perform classic hits from the legendary album, and the addition of Deep Purple MKIII and MKIV songs. 
Glenn’s band will feature Soren Andersen (guitar), Ash Sheehan (drums) and Ed Roth (keyboards).

‘It was 50 years ago, in the summer of 1973, that the BURN album by Deep Purple was written at Clearwell castle in Gloucestershire UK,” reminisces Hughes. “It was recorded in October in Montreux, Switzerland.”
Continues Hughes, “We all became one in this centuries old castle in the UK countryside, it felt like Deep were a new band, with David (Coverdale) and I as new members, we couldn’t wait to start working on new song. The atmosphere was electric, in such amazing surroundings.”
“All the songs on Burn were written in the crypt/dungeon, underneath the great hall. We worked on a new song every day, and we were in the flow. Musically we would play, and work out ideas, and David and I would come up with vocal melodies that would later have lyrics. I remember it like it was yesterday.”
“As you could imagine, Ritchie Blackmore was in full prankster mode, Jon had warned me, and he rigged my room one night with a speaker that was hidden, and had ghostly voices delivered to my bedside.”
“The title track was the last song to be written. We came back from the pub, and went down into the crypt, and magic happened.”

Concludes Hughes, “It’s time to celebrate BURN, and I’m really looking forward to seeing you!”
08.16.23      LANDIS THEATER                              VINELAND, NJ*** (GLENN HUGHES ONLY)
08.18.23      STRAND THEATER                             HUDSON FALLS, NY
08.19.23      THE CHANCE                                      POUGHKEEPSIE, NY
08.23.23      THE PARAMOUNT                              HUNTINGTON, NY
08.25.23      THE KING OF CLUBS                         COLUMBUS, OH
08.26.23      ARCADA THEATER                            ST. CHARLES, IL
08.28.23      GRANADA THEATER                         DALLAS, TX***(GLENN HUGHES ONLY)
08.30.23      HOUSE OF BLUES                             NEW ORLEANS, LA
09.01.23      HOUSE OF BLUES                             HOUSTON, TX
09.02.23      TOBIN CENTER                                  SAN ANTONIO, TX
09.04.23      MARQUEE                                           TEMPE, AZ
09.06.23      HOUSE OF BLUES                             SAN DIEGO, CA
09.08.23      SABAN THEATER                                BEVERLY HILLS, CA
09.09.23      PERFORMING ARTS CENTER           OXNARD, CA
09.11.23      HOUSE OF BLUES                              ANAHEIM, CA
09.13.23      ORIENTAL THEATER                          DENVER, CO
09.15.23      EMERALD THEATER                          MT. CLEMENS, MI
09.16.23      BLUE NOTE                                         HARRISON, OH***(GLENN HUGHES ONLY)
09.19.23      THE PALLADIUM                                 WORCESTER, MA
09.20.23      JERGELS                                             WARRENDALE, PA***(GLENN HUGHES ONLY)
09.22.23      PARKER PLAYHOUSE                        FT. LAUDERDALE, FL
09.23.23      CAPITOL THEATER                            CLEARWATER, FL

Burn is the eighth studio album by the English rock band Deep Purple, written and recorded in 1973, and released in February 1974, the album was the first to feature then-unknown David Coverdale on vocals and Glenn Hughes, from Trapeze, on bass and vocals.

The album was recorded in Montreux, Switzerland, in November 1973, with the Rolling Stones Mobile Studio. With the addition of David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes, Purple’s hard rock sound became more boogie-oriented, incorporating elements of soul and funk, which would become much more prominent on the follow-up album, Stormbringer.

Burn hit #3 on the UK Albums Chart, #9 on the US Billboard 200, and #1 in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Norway.

In 2004 Burn was remastered and released with bonus tracks. Coronarias Redig was recorded during the Burn recording sessions, used only as a B-side for the Might Just Take Your Life single in 1974. It appears as a bonus track (in remixed form) on the anniversary edition re-release. The 2004 remix version of Burn was later used in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.

In 2005 an unauthorized documentary about the album was produced as part of “The Ultimate Critical Review” series. It featured brand new interview with the original Deep Purple Mk III bassist and vocalist Glenn Hughes.

Lead single Might Just Take Your Life, released 4 March, was Deep Purple’s first UK single in two years.

The phenomenal title track started things off at full throttle, actually challenging the seminal Highway Star for the honor of best opener to any Deep Purple album, while showcasing the always impressive drumming of Ian Paice. The fantastic slow-boiling blues of Mistreated’s greatness qualifies it for the highest echelons of hard rock achievement, and therefore ranks as an essential item in the discography of any self-respecting music fan.


Glenn Hughes is an inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as part of the MK 3 line up of Deep Purple.  He spent the formative years of his career as the beloved bassist and vocalist of the group and performed on the classic albums Burn (1974), Stormbringer (1974) and Come Taste The Band (1975).

The vocalist/bass guitarist/songwriter is a true original. No other rock musician has carved such a distinctive style blending the finest elements of hard rock, soul and funk. Stevie Wonder once called Hughes his favorite white singer.  The first important band Hughes was a member of that achieved notable success was Trapeze.

In 1973, Hughes joined Deep Purple. The trailblazing hard-rock legends had just weathered the departure of vocalist Ian Gillan and bass guitarist Roger Glover, but guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, keyboardist Jon Lord and drummer Ian Paice continued with the addition of Hughes and David Coverdale.

Since 1992, Hughes has toured extensively in Europe, Japan, and South America in support of solo albums.  He’s recorded four studio albums with the multi-award-winning supergroup Black Country Communion featuring guitarist Joe Bonamassa, keyboardist Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater) and drummer Jason Bonham, son of the late Led Zeppelin legend John Bonham.

In 2016 he released his critically acclaimed solo album Resonate featuring the rock radio hit “Heavy”, and in 2017 he released Black Country Communion’s fourth studio album “BCCIV” to ecstatic reviews.

In 2019, Glenn joined the Dead Daises as their lead singer and bass guitarist, recorded two albums, Holy Ground (2021) and Radiance (2022) and toured the world.



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