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Tallahassee based alternative rock band Go Radio has announced plans to release their highly anticipated sophomore studio album, Close The Distance, on September 18 via Fearless Records.

In anticipation for the upcoming release, the band is inviting fans to visit to unlock their new song, “Collide,” from the forthcoming album by sharing a 35 second preview of the song on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google +.   Once the preview has been shared 20,000 times the full song will premiere at a location to be announced.

On their follow-up to 2011’s fan coveted, critically heralded debut album Lucky Street, Go Radio chose to do things a little different.  A band bonded by brotherhood, Go Radio relied on instinct and vulnerability to drive their inspiration and collaborative spirit in the studio, which in the end resulted in eleven gigantic alternative rock anthems that fans will undoubtedly embrace wholeheartedly.

Lead by singer/guitarist Jason Lancaster along with brothers in arms, guitarist Alex Reed, bassist Matt “Burns” Poulos and drummer Steven Kopacz, Go Radio’s Close The Distance features the soon to be released track “Collide,” the alternative rock radio ready “I Won’t Lie” and the piano driven rock ballad “Go To Hell,” which showcases the band’s incredible ability to consistently write engaging anthemic songs with memorable hooks and choruses that fans have come to expect and love.  While Lucky Street was the setup, Close The Distance further establishes Go Radio as one of the great up-and-coming bands of the current decade.

Visit to unlock “Collide” and for more information regarding Go Radio’s upcoming album, Close The Distance.

Close The Distance  Track List:

  1. I Won’t Lie
  2. Baltimore
  3. Collide
  4. Go To Hell
  5. Lost and Found
  6. Close the Distance
  7. What if You Don’t
  8. Things I Don’t See
  9. The Ending
  10. Over Me
  11. Hear Me Out

Close The Distance iTunes Deluxe Bonus Tracks:

  1. If That’s Tonight
  2. Live, Learn, Let Go
  3. Go To Hell (Piano Version)
  4. I Won’t Lie (Acoustic)

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