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Get Stoked - band photoBled Fest alums , who are fresh off the successful Get Backslashed tour with Backslashes And Bad Ideas, sees their forthcoming Washington Street EP exclusively premiered on Under The Gun. The EP, which can be heard HERE, features five tracks of hardcore influenced pop-punk that will be released tomorrow on Imminence Records. Vocalist Cameron Wheeler describes the EP as, “A collection of songs from all of our encounters during college. From party stories to girls screwing with our heads this EP caters to a wide variety of experiences, both good and bad, and we all hope that everyone finds the songs as relatable as does.” With drummer Jacob Cardona adding, “This album developed as our friendship with each other did. Each song reflects our own emotions, experiences and reflections of each other, both musically and lyrically. Following Cameron’s lead with guitar writing every member adds their own flavor spanning multiple genres to create the unique sound that is

Get Stoked - Washington Street EP1. Intro
2. Actions Speak Louder Than Words
3. Hand In Your Demise
4. Forward Progress

About :
Get Stoked was started when Cameron Wheeler and Jacob Cardona began writing music and starting to search for others to bring back the live music scene in Mt Pleasant. Ryan Turek along with Ben Jensen eventually jumped on the crazy train quickly followed by Zach Smith to complete the lineup. Get Stoked is a pop punk/hardcore quintet that blends hard melodic breakdowns with a new take on pop punk. Get Stoked brings lively in-your-face music with live performances that match in intensity. Combined with lyrics ranging from college experiences to forward progress in life, Get Stoked never plays that same thing twice and keeps the audience guessing what will happen next!


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