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Beyond the Victory]Harbor Records has announced that they have signed Virginia’s and will reissue the band’s Andrew Baylis produced Paradigm EP on September 24th. Guitarist Jeremy Anderson had this to say about the signing, “We are very excited to be part of Harbor Records! We plan on taking this as an opportunity to go into overdrive and start working on a full length album and possibly some touring in a few months. This is the beginning of so much more to come and we only have plans on getting bigger and better. Thanks to everyone who has supported us! We wouldn’t be anything without you and we seriously love you all” With Harbor Records’ owner Ryan Williford adding, “Virginia’s musical scene has crafted high quality talent for quite some time and is continuing that legacy.”

PARADIGM EP (September 24th)

1. Gilded
2. Sue Me
3. Paradigm (Feat Shawn Yates)
4. Escape From Pompeii
5. Glass Ceiling (Feat Andrew Baylis of Life On Repeat)

was formed in 2011 and it currently consists of Adam Stevens (drums), Stephen Widener (singing), Jeremy Anderson (lead guitarist), Andraey Pompey (bassist), Mark Roberts (screaming), and Stephen Dubovsky (rhythm guitarist). In 2011, ended up recording 4 songs and released them all within the year while consistently playing shows. During 2912 the band continued writing new songs for a planned future EP. In October of the same year, the band decided to do a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the EP they wanted to release in 2013. Luckily they made their goal just in time and decided to record their new material with Life on Repeat’s Andrew Baylis. After the recording process for the EP was over, the band decided to take a show hiatus to completely reshape their image and upgrade equipment. By the end of June the band was finally ready to release their debut EP entitled “Paradigm,” that was released on July 5th via Bandcamp. The band is back at the writing process again to start working on their Harbor Records debut full length.


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