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Heartsounds - Internal EyesBay Area punk rock group Heartsounds will release their third full-length album, Internal Eyes, on October 15th via Creator-Destructor Records in the US, and Flix Records/Cargo Distribution in Europe.  In anticipation for the upcoming release Heartsounds has premiered a new song titled “The World Up There” today at  Pre-order the album now at

Stream “The World Up There” now at

The follow-up to 2011’s Drifter (Epitaph Records) sees the band reaching an interesting new level of songwriting and musicianship, focusing heavily on technically driven, heavy metal-influenced guitar work, thundering drums, and harmony laden melodic dual vocal performances between guitarist/vocalists Laura Nichol and Ben Murray.  While the band has amplified their love of the riff and faster tempos, the ten tracks that comprise Internal Eyes manage to retain the punk-rock heart and hook-driven structures that many fans of the band’s first two albums have come to appreciate. Internal Eyes manages to delve into exciting new ground for the band both musically and vocally, while retaining the same 90’s Epitaph/Fat-Wreck inspired foundation that has shaped the band’s sound thus far.

Internal Eyes was recorded, mixed, and, mastered at Castle Ultimate Studios in Oakland, CA in June & July of 2013.  The band once again called on producer/engineer Zack Ohren for the production of the album, resulting in what can only be considered the most sonically impressive and aesthetically pleasing Heartsounds record to date.  While 2009’s Until We Surrender marked the band’s debut effort, tracked solely between Guitarist/Vocalists Ben Murray and Laura Nichol, Internal Eyes is the second full-length album (after last year’s Drifter) to include drummer Trey Derbes as a crucial songwriting partner to the group.  Internal Eyes also marks the first album with bassist Bobby Taul, who helps in achieving a more solidified and tighter-knit rhythm section than ever before.

Internal Eyes can best be described as a 30 minute blast of emotionally-driven, uptempo, melodic punk-rock, hailing a range of musical influences from 90’s skate-punk to 80’s thrash metal and modern melodic hardcore  When discussing the writing process of the band’s latest effort, Guitarist/Vocalist Ben Murray explains “This time around, Trey and I met up at our practice space for 8 months straight to make sure these songs were as unique and exciting as we could possibly make them.  All we wanted to do was exceed all expectations of our band, and improve upon the qualities of our sound that we felt were our strongest.  We’ve never been more proud of an album of ours, and we’re confident that the end-result is something that fans of this niche style of melodic, fast, technical punk rock will truly appreciate.”

“A lot has happened to all four of us in the last two years since the release of Drifter, and we are now in a place as a band that feels more natural and fun than ever, and I feel like this shows through on these 10 new songs” says Murray. “We’re not a band that cares about much besides writing the best possible record we can at any given point in our lives, both personally and musically.  I think Internal Eyes is the next logical step in our sound, and we hope that our fans feel the same.”

Heartsounds Tour Dates:

Oct 24 – Allston, MA – O’Brien’s Pub (w/No Trigger)

Oct 25 – Providence, RI – McNeil’s Tavern (w/No Trigger)

Oct 26 – New Brunswick, NJ – The Court Tavern

Oct 27 – Brooklyn, NY – Acheron

Oct 29-30 – Ybor, FL – Pre-Fest

Oct 31-Nov 3 – Gainesville, FL – Fest

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