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Prepare to call your local internet and cell phone provider to demand more bandwidth because in less than 2 hours, the internet’s first ever streaming television network will be commanding your attention.. And, it’s a heavy television network.

From to and from to Shinedown, Heavy Television will bring both current and classic and heavy videos to your desktop, laptop or net ready flatscreen TV. Presented by young, talented V.J’s across the planet, no matter what your taste in hard music might lean toward, give the a span of videos and you’ll find a that you love.

The site is 100% free, with no login necessary, no passwords to remember, no registration, subscriptions. None of that – you just point your browser to and start watching. It’s really as simple as that. Why complicate matters, right? And this show runs 2/7/365 with International Heavy Week celebrated 52 weeks out of the year.

The music runs virtually nonstop with V.J. interludes and limited minute long commercial breaks consisting of four or 20 second music related ad clips. Saturday nights (PST) will feature a concert and specialty programming is also being developed.

Heavy Television has eclipsed Google, Apple and Microsoft in terms of getting a television running on the web. And they’re pissed. Why? Because and Iron Maiden are beating them at their own game, ruling the World Wide Web with 2 hour streaming television network, or channel on forever free.

As Wednesday rolls into Thursday at midnight PST make sure you’re tuned in to – a revolution is calling.

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