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Pumpkin fans, unite! and Incendium are teaming up for the launch of Seekers of the Seven Keys, a supernatural horror-fantasy comic book that explores the iconic cast of characters depicted on album covers from the legendary German heavy metal band, known as the “godfathers of melodic speed metal.” Incendium is also thrilled to announce a line of collectible action figures inspired by the bands’ cover artwork and lyrical lore: The Keeper Of The Seven Keys, The Witch, and Jack O. Lantern.
Published under Incendium’s music-focused OPUS imprint, Seekers of the Seven Keys is crafted by horror masters, writer Joe Harris (Creepy, The X-Files, Rockstars), and artist Axel Medellin (Hoax Hunters, Elephantman), and features cover artwork by Santi Casas.
In Seekers of the Seven Keys, the mystical Seven Keys have been lost, and the Keeper wants them back. But he’s not the only one looking. And when teenage siblings stumble upon the quest, they embark on a 1980s-style science-fiction, fantasy adventure filled with the horror tropes, campy characters, and throwback humor for which the band is known.
guitarist Michael Weikath said, “Obviously, Dr. Stein is not the only one who can come up with funny creatures. We are thrilled to see the characters from the universe finally come to life! The team of Incendium did a great job and created an exciting new comic adventure. As we say in Dr. Stein: And their time is right!”
Added Llexi Leon, CEO of Incendium: “HELLOWEEN’s offbeat comic, inspired by their epic music, fuses fan-favorite characters with whimsical fantasy—and a healthy dose of heavy metal! As they are one of the great innovators in the genre, it’s been a joy to revisit their catalog, particularly the ‘Seven Keys’ saga, and lay down the groundwork for an all-new narrative that will appeal to long-time fans of the band and Halloween horror aficionados alike!”
The debut of the comic book comes in the wake of the recent release of Helloween’s self-titled album, which has climbed to the top of the charts across the world. The album is reminiscent of all eras of the band’s history and unites their three vocalists Michael Kiske, Andi Deris, and Kai Hansen. The band’s sixteenth studio album was released by Tonträger Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH in June.
The first print edition of Seekers of the Seven Keys will be released as a prestige-format limited edition collectible comic book, featuring cardstock covers, specialty foil treatments, glossy pages, and individual numbering.
The first printing of the comic will be limited to 2,000 copies at $19.95 and is available to order from It is available to order now and ships by October 31, 2021. The Keeper Of The Seven Keys, The Witch, and Jack O. Lantern action figures are also available to pre-order for $29.95, shipping spring 2022.
Other high-profile projects under Incendium’s OPUS music-focused imprint include the Evanescence graphic anthology series Echoes From The Void, Disturbed’s Dark Messiah comic book series, Joe Satriani’s Crystal Planet series, Black Veil Brides’ The Phantom Tomorrow series, Exodus’ Tales of the Damned series, Cradle of Filth’s Maledictus Athenaeum series, and more; Incendium is releasing collectible action figures for every project related to the bands and their comic book storylines.
Seekers of the Seven Keys #1 credits:
Cover Artwork by Santi Casas
Interior Artwork by Axel Medellin
Written by Joe Harris
Letters by Jacob Bascle
Edited by Llexi Leon, R.G. Llarena, and Denton J. Tipton
HELLOWEEN “The Keeper Of The Seven Keys,” “The Witch,” and “Jack O. Lantern” Figbiz Action Figures by Incendium
About Incendium:
Founded in 2006, Incendium is a multi-faceted production company known for an array of animation, comic books, toys, and video games. Driven by our team’s passion for Myths, Monsters, and Metal the brand embraces the 80s and 90s counterculture with a contemporary twist.
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01 – Out For The Glory
02 – Fear Of The Fallen
03 – Best Time
04 – Mass Pollution
05 – Angels
06 – Rise Without Chains
07 – Indestructible
08 – Robot King
09 – Cyanide
10 – Down In The Dumps
11 – Orbit
12 – Skyfall
Bonustracks Mediabook & Vinyl:
01 – Golden Times
02 – Save My Hide
Bonustracks Earbook
01 – Golden Times
02 – Save My Hide
03 – Pumpkins United
Get the album here:
“Skyfall” video clip:
“Fear Of The Fallen” lyric video:
“Best Time” lyric video:

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