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Hypocrisy - End of DisclosureSwedish death metal legends have released a the lyric video for the title-track of their upcoming masterpiece End Of Disclosure here. Fans can also listen to the same track on the official Facebook site, or download the track here.

“This time I wanted to go back to basics,” commented Tägtgren. “I felt like we lost it for the last couple of albums. This one is straight to the point and more than ever! Fast, heavy, and epic. Enjoy!”

Being on a par with their 90’s brute yet multifaceted masterpieces, End Of Disclosure leaves no room for breathers. It was produced by mastermind Peter Tägtgren in his Abyss Studios in Sweden, with artwork was done this time by Wes Benscoter (SLAYER, KREATOR, NILE, VADER, BLOODBATH). End Of Disclosure will be released March 22 (Europe) and April 2, 2013 (North America) via Nuclear Blast.

End Of Disclosure North American digipak track listing:

  1. End Of Disclosure
  2. Tales Of Thy Spineless
  3. The Eye
  4. United We Fall
  5. 44 Double Zero
  6. Hell Is Where I Stay
  7. Soldier Of Fortune
  8. When Death Calls
  9. The Return
  10. Living Dead (Bonus Track)

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