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In League With Lions - ExposureHarbor Records’ newest signing has just released their new single entitled, “Fist Fight.” from the ’s forthcoming EP. The release, entitled Exposure, will be digitally released worldwide July 9th  through the label. The single, which can be streamed HERE, is featured on the six track that Tyler Anderson commented on by saying, “We plan on playing as many shows as possible, and exposing ourselves to as many people as possible. That’s partially why we named the EP Exposure. It’s our first release and the people are going to hear us. We hope that everyone who takes the time to listen to this notices all of the hours of hard work that were poured into this, and can appreciate it for what it is.”

EXPOSURE (July 9th)

  1. Intro
  2. What It Takes To Overcome
  3. I Stand Alone
  4. Fist
  5. A Life To Aspire To
  6. Leader

was initially formed when guitarist Tyler Anderson and drummer Jarren Dean-Smullen started jamming together, before guitarist Ryan Evans and singer Josh Wilder followed suit. Eventually the was rounded out by bassist Billy McClean and screamer Martin Padilla. After solidifying their lineup, focused on honing in on their sound while playing shows around their home state of Maryland. After a year of crafting their sound and playing shows, while losing their singer Josh Wilder in the process, the entered the with Chris Rowe and went quickly to work on their debut entitled Exposure. The ’s first is due to be released sometime this summer while the is planning on playing extensively in order to support its release.

Ever since its inception, has always tried to promote a message of positivity and hope. The passion in their lyrics showcases how much of themselves the members pour into their songs, and this is what makes each track that more powerful while creating a connection with the fans.

“Our lyrics are about our past experiences,” explains the ’s vocalist, Martin, “Where we had to trust in ourselves and to never give on the things we want in life. When no else believed in us or told us that we weren’t good enough, we channeled that energy into our music.” Whether the speaks about past, hurtful experiences or tries to spread a message of hope and belief in oneself, their lyrics are sure to hit home with each and every person in the crowd.

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