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On March 12, South Carolina’s will proudly unveil their new single '” via Dark Spark Music (owned and operated by veteran rock manager ) / . The song is available for pre-order here.

Formed in 2015, (, , and , who are all in their early 20s) built their musical foundation on their love of 70s music and new school rock. '” continues this trajectory. Produced by (, ), the song musically and lyrically presents a deep meditation on relationships, despair, and escapism, delivered through vivid, emotional lyrics and melodic expression. Working with the band led Parker to express that “Landon has one of those voices that you don’t care what he is selling, but you are going to buy it.”

Vocalist / guitarist / songwriter shares that the song was inspired by “all the strong women in my life….Let’s face it, 2020 has been a real horror show, but we can all name a few women who have helped us keep the puzzle pieces together. ‘” is a tribute to those women.”

and his brother / drummer have been close friends with lead guitarist since elementary school; Bassist joined in 2019. These Spartanburg-based young musicians blended their musical tastes with deep lyrics reflecting a consciousness beyond their years. Expressing the tumultuous natures of unrequited love, drug addiction, social afflictions, and political etiquette through a prism of dramatic harmonies, passionate lyrics, and solid musicianship, has created a sound that begs further listening.

Additionally, describes the song as “…so good and poignant, it brings you to tears…the lyrics of this song are so beautiful and full of hope while acknowledging the pain of working through many hardships — enduring, pressing on, in the uncertain drudgery of daily life”.

Lovely World has been amassing a groundswell of fans and buzz over the past two years. Their recent single “Don’t Lay Me Down” has garnered almost 75,000 streams. Their EP is currently at 100,000 streams across multiple platforms.

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