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Insane Clown Posse - 2015The Dark Carnival is back in town as Insane Clown Posse, one of the best-selling independent groups of all time, today released the first entry in their new two-part concept album, The Marvelous Missing Link, through Psychopathic Records. Chapter one, The Marvelous Missing Link (LOST), is a 14-track raw, terrifying, and uncompromising album that stands as a testament to the creativity and musical prowess that have made Insane Clown Posse true pop-culture legends. Kicking off today in their home state of Michigan, ICP’s Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope will be heading out on The Marvelous Missing Link’s Traveling In-Store Insanity Tour where ICP will sign CDs and unveil exclusive merchandise (note: at all in-stores ICP will stay until every Juggalo in attendance has a chance to meet them and get one item signed).

The Marvelous Missing Link (LOST) is the first “Joker’s Card” release since 2012’s The Mighty Death Pop! The Marvelous Missing Link’s second installment, The Marvelous Missing Link (FOUND), will be released exactly three months after (LOST) on July 28th. These long-awaited releases will be part of a year that Juggalos won’t soon forget. 2015 will bring new music videos (the first is being shot this week), the month-long The Marvelous Missing Link’s Traveling In-Store Insanity Tour, the 16th annual Gathering of the Juggalos July 22nd – 25th at Legend Valley in Thornville, OH, a nationwide tour later this year and more. A full line of Missing Link merchandise is already available at now.

The Marvelous Missing Link‘s Traveling In-Store Insanity Tour Dates:

4.28 Berkley, MI @ FYE 6pm
4.29 Chicago, IL @ Reckless Records 7pm
4.30 Golden Valley, MN @ Down in the Valley 7pm
5.1 Sioux Falls, SD @ Last Stop 7pm
5.3 Billings, MT @ Hastings 6pm
5.5 Spokane, WA @ Hastings 6pm
5.6 Silverdale, WA @ FYE 7pm
5.7 Salem OR @ FYE 6pm
5.9 Modesto, CA @ FYE 6pm
5.10 Torrance, CA @ FYE 7pm
5.12 Sierra Vista, AZ @ Hastings 6pm
5.14 Farmington, NM @ Hastings 6pm
5.15 Albuquerque, NM @ Hastings 7pm
5.17 Denver, CO @ Second Spin 6pm
5.19 Oklahoma City, OK @ Hastings 6pm
5.20 Waxahachie, TX @ Hastings 6pm
5.22 St. Louis, MO @ FYE 6pm
5.23 Richmond, IN @ Hastings 7pm
5.24 Columbus, OH @ Magnolia Thunderpussy 6pm


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