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Jammer Direct’s Flagship Station JammerStream One Proudly adds RadioScreamer and Ron Keel’s Streets of Rock & Roll to Schedule

mexican flag screamerChicago,IL May 1, 2014: Beginning May 5th, 2014, Jammer Direct’s Flagship Radio Station JammerStream One will begin airing new episodes of RadioScreamer and Ron Keel’s Streets of Rock & Roll in what the station is billing as “Screamer de Mayo!”

“We here at Jammer Direct are extremely proud to have two living legends of the music scene screaming through our airwaves” said Jammer Direct founder Ryan Martin speaking of Dave Castagno and Ron Keel. “We air mainly unsigned artists but it will be a learning experience for our Jammers (members) to hear from the people that have made it. Let their guests be the teachers and the music be the inspiration!”

Both shows will air back to back on May 5th beginning at midnight US EDT and air all day alternating between the two shows. From there the schedule will be as follows: RadioScreamer will air every Monday & Wednesday at 11am and 11pm US EDT and Ron Keel’s Streets of Rock & Roll will air every Tuesday and Thursday at 11am and 11pm US EST on JammerStream One.

You can find the station JammerStream One on Jammer Direct’s main website at or on their station site at

About Jammer Direct & JammerStream: Jammer Direct was created in October 2007 as a way to promote musicians and artists from around the world at no cost to them.

About RadioScreamer: RadioScreamer is keeping 80s metal molten hot and shrapnel sharp in the 21st century. A one-hour music program hosted by David Castagno, Publisher/Editor of L.A.’s renowned Screamer Magazine, RadioScreamer showcases the music that defined an era, exploded into a cultural phenomenon, and has become a permanent part of the music scene.

About Streets of Rock & Roll with Ron Keel: Streets of Rock & Roll, hosted by Ron Keel is a solid hour of rock, exclusive interviews, music, news, commentary, stories from the road and much more.

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