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When Jay Gordon and Blues Venom crank up the volume during their 9 p.m. Showcase Set at tomorrow night’s Los Angeles Music Awards Voting Party, its a safe bet they’ll melt the paint off the walls of the venerable Whisky A Go-Go on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, Calif. Come witness the lightning in a bottle that defines Gordon’s unique guitar technique and check out all the other worthy nominees at the LAMA’s 22nd Annual Voting Party, Thursday, September 27. $15. admission. 8901 W. Sunset Blvd. Info: (310) 652-4202 or

Jay Gordon and Blues Venom also perform at the 12th Annual (2012) Las Vegas Bikefest, Cashman Field (Las Vegas Blvd.- North Las Vegas), Saturday, September 29. 12 Noon performance time. Info: (702) 450-7662 or log onto

Take the primal wail of American Blues and amplify them beyond the point with no limitations. Chicago area native Jay Gordon continues to shake planet earth with his onslaught of Electric Voodoo Blues. When you listen to BLUES VENOM – NO CURE you will see how Gordon has moved the blues forward to the 21st Century, infusing the music with the fire and power of rock while carving out his own place in the music world. BVNC features songs like, “Dockery’s Plantation” (for Robert Johnson), “World Blues,” “Slow Burn/Biker Mama,” “Red Hot Tempered Woman” and more – even a bonus track in honor of the late, great Phillip Walker. “Getting bit by Jay Gordon’s BLUES VENOM – NO CURE is similar to Peter Parker getting bit by a radioactive spider. There is no cure, but that’s a good thing,” states the world’s #1 authority on such matters, BLUES REVUE. “As solid as a blues album can be, and I consider one of the best I have heard this year,” the review concludes.

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