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JETHRO TULL-IAN ANDERSON 6-9-14On August 26, 2014, will release Thick As A Brick – In by ’s on 2CD, DVD, SD Blu-ray and formats [Pre- Order Date, August 1, MSRP $1.98 DVD, $19.98 SD Blu-ray, $17.98 2CD]. This is time and 2: Whatever Happened To Gerald Bostock? have been offered in a combined set, resulting in a superb presentation of the complete story of Gerald Bostock.
’s famed concept album was originally released in and featured continuous track spread across two sides of an LP telling the story of a young boy named Gerald Bostock. 0 years later in 2012, ’s founder and leader continued the story, with the creation of 2: Whatever Happened To Gerald Bostock?. Following this release, Anderson took both albums on to present the complete narrative live. This show, filmed in Iceland, brings Gerald’s tale to life as never before and creates the definitive presentation of .
recently released the very successful solo album Homo Erraticus, and is currently on across from June to September (full details at
Underlining not only ’s importance as a songsmith, Thick As A Brick – In also showcases this consummate performer.
1) Thick As A Brick*
2) From A Pebble Thrown**
3) Pebbles Instrumental
4) Might Have Beens
5) Upper Sixth Loan Shark
6) Banker Bets, Banker Wins
7) Swing It Far
8) Adrift And Dumbfounded
9) Old School Song
10) Wootton Bassett Town
11) Power And
12) Give Til It Hurts
13) Cosy Corner
14) Shunt And Shuffle
15) A Change Of Horses
16) Confessional
17) Kismet In Surburbia
18) What-ifs, Maybes And Might-Have-Beens

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