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Jimi Jamison’s new solo album Never Too Late, out now via Frontiers Records has been released. Check out the video for ‘Never Too Late’ below:

Jimi Jamison is the former lead singer of Survivor, Cobra & Target. His hits include “High On You”, “The Search Is Over”, “I Can’t Hold Back”, and the Baywatch theme song, “I’m Always Here.” Jimi is now performing as a solo artist in venues around the U.S., Europe and South America.

Jimi’s new album is Never Too Late and is written, produced, performed (with band) and mixed by the man of the moment Erik Martensson (Eclipse, WET, Toby Hitchcock). And what a result! High expectations as I have for everything Erik related, but this is another ridiculously great sounding album. I love Crossroads Moment, but this is one of the best albums I have heard with Jimi’s name on it since the 80s.

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