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Love-Hate-Crucified imageLove/Hate & new Quiet frontman has re-released his 6 song mini-album CRUCIFIED as a solo record, because, in his words, he “didn’t want to hassle ex-members anymore.”
In another move to confusion Jizzy has renamed his 201 ’s Love/Hate, that way, “People will know who is playing and who isn’t.”

“Why did I change the record to a record?”

“Simply put, because dealing with ex-members isn’t worth the hassle. I don’t want to spend thousands fighting over a that makes hundreds. This isn’t Queensryche, or Great White, we’re not talking about a that makes $12,000.00 or $20,000.00 a night. But there are some people out there who still think is the “Golden Goose,” Some people think that sells T-shirts like or Motorhead. Some people still think plays videos…unless you’ve gassed the van and done the tours like I have then I guess you don’t really know. So here’s the deal–I’ll do this last and final as ’s Love/Hate, that way the will know who is and who isn’t in the band. After that we’ll put the whole thing to bed and I’ll never with any of these ex-members again. I love Love/Hate–The are great, the music was superb but in ex-members just aren’t worth the hassle…”

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